About Us

senior citizen care

Nursing Care Connections, Inc. was created to help families in need. While a senior in high school, Sloan Deumite was skiing on False River with friends when his life changed forever. He dove off the boat into the middle of the river, into what he assumed was deep water. He was wrong. Sloan hit bottom and broke his neck. That was August 31, 1986.

After 11 month of rehabilitation, Sloan came home. Initially he required constant nursing care - something the family discovered was easier said than done. Luckily, the Deumites found registered nurse Betty Bowers. "You've always heard that when a door shuts, a window opens," says Staci Deumite DuhĂ©. “Betty was our family’s window. "Betty personally directed Sloan's care and provided the staff required to assist him.

Norman Deumite urged Staci to talk to Betty and investigate the need for temporary medical services in the community. What they found were many families struggling to care for elderly parents suffering from Alzheimer’s, a stroke or recovering from an injury or illness. They also noticed that there were those who needed a break from being a caregiver to a friend or family member, even assistance with newborn care for babies and mothers. Staci and Betty opened Nursing Care Connections, Inc. in August of 1988 to offer a solution.

Our clients' needs may change over time, as with Sloan, so Nursing Care Connections, Inc. can tailor a plan to meet individual patient goals. Their skilled nursing staff provides customized services to meet patient's needs at the hospital, nursing home and private residence.

Nursing Care Connections, Inc. is the only agency exclusively licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. All employees are screened, bonded and insured, and a criminal background check is secured in order to provide quality healthcare.

Today, Sloan has reached many of the goals he has set for himself. "I was a senior in high school when I had my accident," says Sloan. "I had to pretty much learn everything all over again - to talk, even breathe," he explains. "I want to continue to have a good life. "